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How much will I lose in a month? Is it guaranteed?

Blood tests are the correct method to gauge your health status. Your body is no hurry to lose weight, it just wants to survive and live. If your blood markers are bad, your body wills seize the opportunity to normalize them rather than burn fat. Some patients lose 8 to 9 kg in a month but some loose just a kg and yet feel awesome.

Will the diet plan include my hectic work schedule / travelling schedule?

Yes! A lot of our clients travel as an important part of their work. We understand that & so we design the diet plan that is in sync with the lifestyle requirements you may have. You will be guided with meal planning during travelling. We will also help you choose the best options when you’re in a new city/country.

Will I have to starve to lose fat?

No. The whole idea is to regulate your food intake & help you to get fit & be in the pink of health while losing weight. So you will be eating wholesome food.

Do you promote the use of meal replacement shakes/ bars, fat burners?

No. There are no shortcuts to great health. Meal Replacements or Fat Burners can cause a lot of side effects, which is definitely against our goal of being fit. We help you achieve your fitness goals through food and nutraceuticals.

Are there any exotic food/ unusual food involved?

No. The meal plans are simple and easy to stick to & are customized to suit your food preferences & lifestyle.

Will I have to consume any medications?

Yes, almost all the patients I have treated till now had some sort of nutritional deficiency and I strongly suggest nutraceuticals

Is the programme refundable?

No, the diet plan is non refundable and non transferrable

How does online consultation work?

Online consultation is the same as face to face consultation except that the consultations are done over phone calls/video calls and emails. The program pattern remains the same however.

If I do not wish to do blood tests?

Sorry I cannot proceed until I get an insight of your body.

Do I need to exercise to get maximum results?

No, I do not recommend exercise to get the results. You can exercise if you wish, but I promise to deliver without that too. I am not against exercise – as its definitely beneficial, but I don’t use it as an excuse to deliver results.

What do I do after the program is over?

Ours is more of a practical training program. And the last 3 consultations are for maintenance. So by the time the program gets over you will be fully equipped to plan and manage your diet in varying circumstances. We also give you notes which will always stay with you. If you ever require any help besides that, we are just a phone call or an email away.

I am vegan/vegetarian / non vegetarian, will you consider that ?

Yes. The diet plan will be customized to suit your likes-dislikes & food orientation. The whole idea is to have a diet plan that is doable.

Will I be able to reverse my type 2 diabetes?

That depends on your pancreas. If your pancreas are still functioning good, and your hormonal signaling is not completely destroyed by long uncontrolled diabetes, then yes.

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