Dr. Menal Ondhiya
(MBBS, MPH, PG Diploma in HA )

I did my MBBS from Dr. VMMC, Solapur In 2005 and pursued my Masters in Public Health from SRM university , Chennai in 2011. After that I worked as District Programme Officer for National Programme for Prevention and Control of Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and Stroke (NPDCS) in Washim, Maharashtra. It was during this time that I realized not only that chronic diseases are increasing at a rapid pace in India but no matter how good the doctors are, no matter if you get best nutritional experts – the patient keeps on suffering. It made me ponder that why when a pre-diabetic patient or just over weight patient seeks help from a doctor in regards to losing fat – he gets an answer which he himself
Knows -

“Reduce your calories and exercise”

Precisely these two things don’t work. And for whatever the reasons they don’t work – the blame is on the patient!!!

Blame no 1 - You didn’t exercised regularly / vigorously enough

Blame no 2- You must have cheated / Will problem issue

I started investigating on my own the world of weight loss, diets, nutritional shakes and what not. I realized that during my medical school I was not taught enough and I must look more deeply into it. Thanks to today’s online world and availability of research papers, I understood that I lacked so much knowledge on Human Metabolism.

It’s an ever evolving field as scientists across the world are still trying to understand human body and I am fascinated with it.

I don’t want to give you few diets; I want to teach you to take your health in your own hands. My achievement is long term relationship with my patients – who give me a call after a year or two just to let me know that they are doing well !!!

Today our health is determined by food manufacturing companies, pharmaceuticals and doctors. We are ready to pay for broccoli and quinoa and yet we don’t regain the health we are seeking.
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